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2017-2018 Sponsorship RFP

2017-2018 Annual Raffle Sponsorship RFP

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Without your generous support, MPIKC would not be able to continue to provide local industry education, networking and community-focused events and projects.

The benefits of the chapter’s sponsorship drive are currently the education and scholarship funds.

In addition to cash sponsorship opportunities, MPIKC is seeking in-kind donations for monthly program door prizes and the silent auction in the form of gift certificates for restaurants, hotel stays, tickets to sporting events or other entertainment, spa baskets, etc.

To secure your partnership with MPIKC and start taking advantage of your ROI benefits today please click on the links at right for updated sponsorship information. Please contact with any questions.

Website Sponsorship Opportunities

Why should I sponsor an ad on MPIKC’s site?

MPIKC’s website currently receives, on average, more than 18,000 hits each month. provides an economical and effective sponsorship option for your business. The benefits of sponsoring an ad on include the following:

  • Cost Effective – the cost to sponsor an ad on is considerably less expensive than traditional media.
  • More Space – online ads allow you to communicate a larger amount of information to your target audience through animation, video and interactive ads. Static banner ads can also have a larger reach with click-through capabilities.
  • Speed – online campaigns are quick to create and update. Easy to extend and update.
  • Availability – online ads are available 24/7 for the period of sponsorship for all site visitors to view.
  • Tracking Capabilities – stats are readily available for click through rates to view how many times your ad was seem and utilized.

Still not sure if web sponsorship is right for your business?

Check out MPIKC’s technical requirements and sponsorship pricing for website ads below. Interested in sponsoring an ad? Contact us at or call 816-668-9424.

Technical Requirements:

Please note – banner ad graphics must be properly formatted for display on; files which require modification may incur processing fees.

Side Banner: 180 x 139 pixels.

(Note: two side banners can be combined for one ad. It’s a great way to get more exposure. The rate is simply the single side banner doubled; the width remains 180 pixels while the height is 139 pixels doubled).

Bottom Banner: 500×44 pixels

File format (logos/text): .png or .gif compressed, adaptive, no transparency

File format (photos): .jpg compressed, 70%, non-progressive, or .png

Hyperlinks: each banner ad may have one link to a webpage outside the MPIKC website. This link, when clicked, will open in a new browser window. It is the responsibility of advertisers to provide and maintain an active, functioning link. Links which are broken, invoke multiple pop-up ads, result in error, link to inappropriate material or otherwise reflect poorly on the website may be disabled.

Download the MPIKC Website Advertising Form ad form.

For more information please contact Mindi Johnson.